«We are a team of professionals specializing in business law and insolvency management. Relying on our experience, attention to detail and fresh insight, we offer sensible, informed solutions that enable favourable outcomes to be achieved.

We prefer to resolve conflicts by negotiation wherever possible. If a dispute cannot be avoided, we quickly get down to business with dedication and commitment, following the dictum the law aids the vigilant.»

our team


Evgeny Kurakin

Managing Director of the company. Employment history includes significant experience with the Russian tax authorities and international law firms. Graduated from the Faculty of Law of Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2001.

Арбитражный управляющий
Alexander Golev

Over 10 years' experience in the field of bankruptcy, including with the tax authorities and at major foreign banks. Bankruptcy administrator, registration number 17654.

Дмитрий Паунов
Dmitry Paunov

Employment history includes significant experience with the Russian tax authorities, state arbitration (commercial) court and federal bailiffs service. Holder of degrees in law, economics and medicine.

Andrey Dudnikov

Graduated from Kutafin Moscow State Law University with honors.

our services



Support company’s activities in the field of wholesale and retail goods. Optimal structuring of contractual relations between suppliers and buyers (including distributors and franchisees). Counseling and representation of producers and sellers in the pre-trial stage and in courts regarding consumer rights enforcement.

Tax law and tax disputes


Counseling on tax administration issues, including those during various tax monitoring interventions (in particular, field tax inspection), representing taxpayers during appeal of tax authorities’ decisions made on the basis of inspection results and/or in connection with compulsory tax debts collection measures.

Insolvency and recovery of enterprises


Support financial recovery of the enterprises, prepare and approve settlement agreements between the debtors and creditors. Counseling and representing interests of the client participating in the bankruptcy case (bankruptcy creditor, the debtor, his controller) at different stages of bankruptcy process, including those connected with cross-border (international) bankruptcy.

Real Estate


Legal support in land plots and buildings sale and acquisitions, and long-term lease transactions. Advising on complex real estate deals and legal representation in disputes over title to real estate. Cadastral value appealing.

Lowering of administrative barriers


Advising on the regulatory impact of draft laws and subordinate legislation, preparing, and presenting corresponding opinions on behalf of entrepreneurs and commercial companies. Participating in expert groups and commissions, business councils and industry committees on behalf of business representatives with the aim of bringing about fair and balanced administrative and legal regulation of the activities of industry participants in specific sectors of the Russian economy.

Family and Inheritance Law

семейное право

Advising and representing clients on family and inheritance law matters at both the pre‑trial and trial stages, including:

— marriage: divorce; discovery and division of matrimonial assets (including joint businesses); establishment of spousal maintenance obligations;

— marriage contracts: legal support of the conclusion, fulfilment, amendment, termination, and invalidation of marriage contracts;

-inheritance: advising on intestate succession and testamentary succession; legal support of the conclusion, fulfilment, amendment, termination, and invalidation of inheritance contracts; inheritance fund – advising on and legal support of the formation and management of inheritance funds; establishment of kinship and other facts of legal significance; reinstatement of the time period for acceptance of inheritances.


трудовое законодательство

Advising on any issues of applying employment and migration law on behalf of entrepreneurs and commercial companies; advising on the optimization and restructuring of personnel; developing and assisting in downsizing procedures and mass redundancy programs; legal support for employers in settling individual and collective employment disputes.


корпоративное право

Advising clients on amendments to the constituent and corporate documents of organizations. Structuring and full support of transactions on sale and purchase of shares and participatory interest in authorized capitals of corporations, including due diligence of acquired businesses. Drawing up an algorithm of actions in case of intention of participants of organizations to conduct an audit of organizations.
Holding general meetings of participants and shareholders of companies, full legal support of the procedure.

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